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Maia’s Health Services

Maia Primary Care & Wellness is a direct primary care practice committed to putting the patient first, focusing on disease prevention, managing chronic illnesses and providing additional services to improve quality of life.

Primary Care Memberships

Better personalized care. Convenient scheduling. More time with your provider. Discounted services and so much more.

Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormone treatment. Replace and Optimize your Hormone Levels. Improve your Health & Quality of Life.

Genetic Testing

Identify the best medications for you at a genetic level. Discover if you carry certain hereditary cancer genes.

Weight loss program, Maia Primary Care and Wellness

Weight Loss Treatment

Medical assistance for weight loss. Treatment plans tailored to your needs and goals.

Acute Care Appointments

Virtual or in-person one-time visits for acute issues like urinary tract infections, common cold, sports physicals and more.

IV Infusion Therapy

IV hydration with vitamins to help boost energy, mood, the immune system and more.

COVID Vaccinations & Testing

Vaccinations for children and adults. Rapid COVID tests available.


Mandie Rovere of Namaste Body Therapy offers massage and neuromuscular therapy on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Maia.

Benefits Of Private Practice Family Medicine | Arvada

Personalized care plans to achieve your health goals

Longer appointments with your doctor to address all of your concerns

More flexible scheduling than a traditional practice so you can get in when needed

Convenience of in-person and virtual visits

Price transparency and reduced costs whenever possible

Direct communication with your doctor

HIPAA secure patient portal to easily access your medical information

Benefits of Private Practice
We’re here to support you

Primary Care & Wellness | Arvada

Maia was created so we could spend more time with you while focusing on your needs.

Stress Free HealthCare

Stress Free Healthcare

When was the last time you walked into a doctor’s office and felt like you belong there?

Direct primary care allows us to reduce our patient load by 80%. This means more time with your doctor and better care.

Experience and Dedication

Our Team

Experienced providers excited to serve our community and make primary care as simple as possible. 

Dr. Wendy Quiles

Dr. Wendy Quiles

Dr. Heather Bertelson

Dr. Heather Bertelson

Elsa Quiles, RN

Elsa Quiles, RN

No Co-Pays Ever

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  • Unlimited visits
  • Same day/next day scheduling
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Care coordination with specialists
Doctor & Customer Approved

Tested and Trusted

“Maia Primary Care, Dr. Bertelson and Dr. Quiles have been outstanding. As a self-employed person, the monthly membership is perfect for me. Maia is the first healthcare experience where I feel like I am important and the doctors are not in a hurry to get me in and out. The Virtual office visits have been thoughtful and comprehensive. The Patient portal is easy to use and my questions and concerns are addressed promptly. I truly feel like a member and partner with my healthcare team.”

-Whitney DeVoogd

“Dr Heather and Dr Wendy are simply the best. I don’t think I’ve ever had doctors that listened and actually cared about me and my family as much as they do. I really love that they want to find the root of the problem, and not just write another prescription. I’m incredibly thrilled to have found them!”

-Erica Johnson

“In the first visit Dr. Bertelson knew more about me than any other Dr would have. She sat down and notated so many things. She even looked into brands of vitamins and supplements that I take to make sure I’m getting a good deal or if it’s actually helping me or not. Recently I had a procedure done there and I thought I was going to be a big ol baby. I was taken care of so well that I handled it just fine. Thank you.”

-Phil Blankenship

“I can’t say enough about Dr Quiles and Dr Bartelson. Access access access. When you need care they are always available. My wife has ALS, we couldn’t get through this without Dr Quiles. She cares so much and always responds. Best health care decision I have ever made signing up with MAIA. This is the way health care should be. Personnel and thoughtful.”

-Mike Glavan

“Dr. Quiles and Dr. Bertelson are both extremely kind hearted and easy to talk to… I have always felt heard and understood talking to both providers. Cannot wait for office visits soon! Highly recommended!”

-Janae Acheson

“Heather is a thoughtful and thorough practitioner that really does her best to care for her patients. She has gone above and beyond from day one to treat my chronic illnesses in a way that gives me hope for my future health and wellbeing and without making me feel judged or criticized. I would highly recommend her as a primary care provider for anyone looking for an honestly caring provider.”

-Jeremy Bullard

“I’ve struggled for years to find healthcare professionals who care about you, the patient first. I am no longer looking for that I’ve found it here. If you are looking for kind, compassionate, and personal care with doctors who will always take the time to listen, I could not recommend Maia Primary Care and Wellness more. Drs. Bertelson and Quiles are simply the best.”

-Clare Schaeffer

“Dr. Quiles is the MOST amazing physician ever, she takes time to REALLY listen to each patient and their needs. She looks at you as a whole person/body and not your individual symptoms. Dr. Quiles takes the time to explain things so you have the knowledge and power to make your own heal decisions, even though I trust her decisions 100%. She is the reason my daughters, 18 and 7, and I switched from our other doctors to pay a tiny bit extra each month for health care (our membership). My 7 year old hair adores her and my 18 year is FINALLY talking openly about her health needs to a doctor without feeling anxious.“

-Candice Steinke