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Benefits of Precision Medicine and the Rxight Pharmacogenetics Program:

Optimized Dosing & Efficacy

Pharmacogenetics testing identifies patients who could be responsive or non-responsive to treatment, develop interactions, produce side effects, or require dosing adjustment. Understanding your patient’s genetics can help you make a more informed prescribing decision.

Reduced Trial & Error Prescribing

The Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) helps alleviate the problem of clinical implementation by providing peer-reviewed guidelines of how to use pharmacogenetic information. The Rxight report utilizes CPIC guidelines.

Reduced Risk of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR’s)

The ongoing benefits of pharmacogenetic testing include a decreased cost in both hospitalizations and healthcare treatment due to the avoidance of ineffective therapies or severe side effects with tailored medical treatment. In fact, most pharmaco-economic studies support pharmacogenetic testing as a cost-effective and cost-saving strategy.

Achieving Desired Therapeutic Benefits for Improved Patient Outcomes

The FDA has incorporated pharmacogenetics information into drug labels and now offers a list of drugs linked to genetic biomarkers emphasizing the importance of pharmacogenetics for personalized medicine. The Rxight report incorporates this FDA information.

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What Is Rxight?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rxight?

Rxight (pronounced “right”) is a pharmacogenetic program that helps providers make a more informed prescribing decision to help their patients get the right medication at the right dose, the first time, based on their genetic profile.

Importantly, Rxight also helps patients avoid medications that are ineffective or could cause dangerous side effects or adverse drug reactions. 

What are the benefits for Rxight?

The benefits of precision medicine and the Rxight Pharmacogenetics Program include: 

  • Optimized dosing and efficacy

  • Reduced trial and error prescribing

  • Reduced risk of ineffective medications and adverse side effects

  • Achieving desired therapeutic benefit sooner for improved patient outcomes

Is this program covered by insurance?

This program may be covered by insurance.  The out-of-pocket cost for patients without insurance (or coverage) is $299. Please contact us with specific questions about coverage.